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Other Ways to Use the Unit's components

We realize that our suggested sequence and implementation suggestions will not work for everyone in every situation.

The ideas here are meant to help you think about ways to tailor the materials to your specific needs.

If 25 alleles for 5 disorders are way too many

  • Use the resources for just one or two disorders. Cystic fibrosis, Alpha-1 antitrypsin disorder, and Marfan syndrome tend to be the most straightforward.
  • If that’s still too much, have all your whole class work on just one Allele Profile. If you choose a cystic fibrosis allele, your students can use the demo lab notebook (Allele C1) to compare/contrast with theirs.

If you don't like the order of the lessons

  • Change it up. Do what works best for you.

If the documents and the questions don't quite work for you

  • Modify the Lab Notebook, Allele Profiles, and other documents to better fit your needs. Please just remember to credit Teach.Genetics and the Genetic Science Learning Center for the foundational framework.
  • Please feel welcome to make graphic organizers and worksheets that suit your needs.

If access to technology in yoiur classroom is unreliable

  • If you lack individual student computers, consider projecting some of the online content as a demo.
  • Print out the genetic disorder web pages (if computer access is an issue) or save them as pdf documents (if internet access is unreliable). The videos won’t work, but the rest of the content will.
  • Many of the key learning objectives are also covered in paper-based activities (e.g., transcription and translation, mutation). You can use these paper versions in place of the online activities.