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We regularly conduct workshops for practitioners and present at research conferences. Look for us at annual conferences for NSTA (National Science Teachers Association; national as well as some regional conferences), NABT (National Association of Biology Teachers), USTA (Utah Science Teachers Association), NARST (National Association for Research in Science Teaching), ASTE (Association for Science Teacher Education), and AERA (American Educational Research Association).

Investigating With the All of Us Data Browser Summer Institute
(in person)

July 19 - 21, 2022
University of Utah
Salt Lake City, UT

$700 Stipend
Paid Travel and Lodging
Credit: 2 graduate-level credits available for $50 recording fee

The National Institutes of Health has launched a historic program to improve health in the United States. The All of Us Research Program aims to engage one million or more people across the US as research participants and partners. These individuals are providing data to build one of the largest, most diverse and broadly accessible datasets ever assembled.

Deidentified, aggregated data collected by the All of Us Research program is publicly available via the interactive Data Browser. Participants, researchers, and other members of the public may use this online tool to learn more about the All of Us participant community and explore summary data. We'd like to introduce teachers and students to the power of “big data” and support them in using the Data Browser to conduct authentic investigations related to science content standards.

We’re looking for high school biology, genetics, anatomy, biotech, or health teachers to come together and learn about the All of Us Research program and public Data Browser, practice using the Data Browser, then work collaboratively to develop ideas for the materials needed to support teachers and students in using the Data Browser. While we encourage applicants to review information about the All of Us Research Program, enrollment in the program is not required for this opportunity and has no bearing on the selection process.

More information and application to apply

Application Deadline: June 12


Genetics and Health in the Genomic Age
(Asynchronous Online Institute)

June 15 - July 31, 2022

Cost: Free
Credit: 3 graduate credits from the University of Utah Department of Human Genetics available for a $50 recording fee

Rethink those Punnett squares! To be informed producers and consumers of genetic and health data, today’s students need to understand genetics with a molecular focus. In this course, you’ll explore basic concepts in molecular genetics that go beyond simple inheritance patterns to illuminate exactly how variations in DNA lead to variations in traits, health, and disease. From there, you’ll explore how family health history and genetics inform healthcare and biomedical research, and consider issues surrounding Direct-to-Consumer genetic testing. The course is built around an NGSS-aligned unit on Genetics for high school, and supplemented with readings, videos, and discussions about related and contemporary topics. All course materials are freely available for classroom use.

Appropriate for: Middle and High School Science Teachers, or Elementary Teachers who want to brush up on genetics.

For more details and to register visit:
Genetics and Health Institute Registration

Application Deadline: June 15