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Genetic Science


Students align pieces of rope or paper "DNA" based on the distance between "markers" to generate a DNA consensus sequence. The activity helps students see how fragments of tagged DNA can be used to make a physical map of a genome.

Learning objectives
  • To sequence or map long stretches of DNA, researchers first cut the DNA into shorter fragments, then piece them back together.
  • Overlapping sequences or features on short segments of DNA can be used to assemble much longer contiguous DNA sequences, or “contigs.”

Connect-A-Contig rope version PDF

Connect-A-Contig paper version PDF

Materials for digital whiteboards (ZIP file)
Contains all 4 sets of Connect-A-Contig digital whiteboard materials

Connect-A-Contig digital whiteboard materials by set:
Connect-A-Contig Set 1 (ZIP file)
Connect-A-Contig Set 2 (ZIP file)
Connect-A-Contig Set 3 (ZIP file)
Connect-A-Contig Set 4 (ZIP file)

Finding a Gene on the Chromosome Map

In this activity students use a pedigree and jigsaw puzzles to explore how scientists use genetic information from a family to identify a gene associated with a genetic disorder.

Student Sheets (fillable pdf)

Teacher Guide (pdf)