About the Institute:

Teams of grade 9-12 students, teachers, undergraduate and graduate students will conduct research in the Red Butte watershed*, connecting your discoveries to greater implications for water sustainability in the area. The group will also spend time creating curriculum materials that will help tie what you learn to what you commonly teach in the classroom. On the last day of the Institute, all participants will join the iUTAH symposium, where you will display a poster summarizing your research and learn more about water issues and the iUTAH (innovative Urban Transitions and Aridregion Hydro-sustainability) effort to improve water sustainability in Utah.

*requires the ability to walk short to moderate distances

To Apply (Undergraduate Students):
  • Fill in the application located here.
To Apply (Teachers and Students):
  1. Choose a student with whom you would like to work, is entering grades 9-12, and would be a good fit for this project.
  2. Download and complete the Teacher Application.
  3. Download the Student Agreement and Parent Permission forms and give them to your candidate student to review and sign along with their parents.
  4. Submit your completed application, completed student agreement, and signed parent permission slip together, using one of the following methods:

    Steve Reest
    Program Assistant
    383 Colorow Dr
    Salt Lake City, UT 84108

    Email (PDFs only please): steve.reest@utah.edu

    Fax: 801-585-0625 attn: Steve Reest

Steve Reest, Program Assistant, 801-587-0886 or steve.reest@utah.edu