Food to Fuel Summer Institute

What processes happen inside the body that enable us to obtain and use the energy we need to live? Explore energy and matter cycling in the body at the molecular level through the lens of digestion. Work with colleagues from across the nation to draft curriculum materials that address the "chemistry of life" in a way that ties to your Physiology unit.


  • Stipend: $500
  • Travel: Airfare within the continental United States
  • Lodging: Private room at the University Guest House,
    July 8-12
  • Meals: Breakfast and lunch each day
  • Credit: 3 graduate credits from the University of Utah Department of Human Genetics available for a $40 recording fee

During the Institute you will:

  • Hear talks by scientists on topics related to physiology at the molecular level.
  • Identify key learning objectives for students that tie to topics you cover in your classroom.
  • Draft ideas for multimedia and other types of learning experiences to be produced by the Genetic Science Learning Center team.

Click Here for Online Application

Application Deadline: March 21, 2013


Steve Reest, Program Assistant, University of Utah