About Us

The Genetic Science Learning Center is a science and health education program located in the midst of the bioscience research being carried out at the University of Utah. Our mission is making science easy for everyone to understand.

To achieve our mission, we provide educational materials and programs for global and local audiences. These include:

Two websites, available free of charge to Internet users worldwide:

  • Learn.Genetics delivers educational materials on genetics, bioscience and health topics. They are designed to be used by students, teachers and members of the public. The materials meet selected US education standards for science and health.
  • Teach.Genetics provides resources for K-12 teachers, higher education faculty, and public educators. These include PDF-based Print-and-Goâ„¢ activities, unit plans and other supporting resources. The materials are designed to support and extend the materials on Learn.Genetics.

Professional development programs that update K-16 teachers' expertise in bioscience and health topics as well as prepare them to implement the materials on our websites. See a list of upcoming courses and workshops on Teach.Genetics.

Public education programs that highlight topics of current interest and research being carried out at the University of Utah.

Our educational resources provide accurate and unbiased information about topics in genetics, bioscience and health. Designed for non-research audiences, they are jargon-free, target multiple learning styles, and often convey concepts through animation and interactivity. Our newest materials are being developed with our Exploragraphic™ design methodology.

Some topics in genetics and bioscience research are controversial. The Center does not take sides in political or ethical controversies. Rather, our goal is to provide comprehensive information that promotes a lively discussion of these topics, so that individuals can arrive at their own informed decisions.

The Center’s educational materials and programs reach a wide audience. Our Learn.Genetics website is one of the most widely-disseminated education sites in the world. In 2007, it received over 7.1 million unique visits from over 180 countries. Each year over 600 educators participate in professional development programs.

The Center has a staff of 10 with expertise in science, education, technology, and multimedia visualization.

Contact Information

Genetic Science Learning Center
University of Utah
15 North 2030 East
Salt Lake City, Utah 84112-5330

Phone: (801) 585-3470
Fax: (801) 585-9557

Email: Use our feedback form


See our printable PDF map for instructions on how to find us.

Current Funding Support
  • NIH National Center For Research Resources
  • Howard Hughes Medical Institute
  • Utah State Office of Education
  • March of Dimes Foundation
  • Univ. of Utah College of Education
  • Univ. of Utah Center for Clinical and Translational Sciences
Past Funding Support
  • NIH National Institute on Drug Abuse
  • The R. Harold Burton Foundation
  • NIH National Human Genome Research Institute
  • Sorenson Molecular Genealogy Foundation
  • Utah Dept. of Health Chronic Disease Genomics Program
  • The Children's Tumor Foundation
  • The Castle Foundation
  • Educational Resources Development Council, Univ. of Utah
Collaborative Support
  • Univ. of Utah School of Medicine, Dept. of Human Genetics
  • Utah Museum of Natural History